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Loofah Seeds
  • Loofah Seeds

    Loofah seeds harvested fall 2022 for 2023 growing season

    25 seeds per pack


    Loofah plants love full sun, regular watering, and moist, but well-draining soil. Loofah is a vigorously growing vine and will need something to grow on (ex: trellis or fencing), and plenty of room to grow.  

    Plant in the ground after the last frost date (for your specific area, you can find this on The growing season of loofah is approximately 9 months long and grows best in zones 7 or higher. The plant is an annual and will die once the growing season is over or the when first frost happens.

    Loofah is fun to watch grow (and fast-growing, up to 12 inches in a day once well-established!). Loofah plants have beautiful yellow flowers that attract an array of pollinators including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. One loofah plant may produce up to 20 gourds, depending on the plant's health. It's best to leave your loofah on the vine until it's dried before harvesting. Once dried, you can peel the skin off and the sponge will be inside. 


      25 mature loofah seeds

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