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Homemade Natural Soap

Down To Earth

All-Natural Handmade Products

About Down To Earth

Down to Earth is an all-natural handmade body product company. Our products are made with the highest quality and sustainable ingredients. We craft in small batches, ensuring the finest care and attention goes into each of our products. No artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals are used to achieve color or scent, only natural ingredients of essential oils, clays, and plant powders. Using skincare products made from simple ingredients gives you the benefit of knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin - only what you need and nothing more.

Natural Soap
Basket of Bath Accessories

"I love all the soaps I purchased! They don't dry out my skin. And they smell amazing!"— Rilla S.


"Wow wow wow! These bars smell AMAZING! I just showered in the middle of the day to use one"— Marriah C.

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